was set up in September 2018 with a view for me to discuss financial topics to a wider audience. Partially as an excuse for me to get my ideas and thoughts ‘down on paper’, as well as the hope that someone may find the information beneficial.

I am a regular reader of sites such as Reddit, Quora, AskYahoo etc. I use these as the basis for questions that individuals may wish to know an in-depth answer to. Then, I use this platform to try and create an educational, informative, yet laid back piece of content.

Sometimes I will simply use this platform to discuss a topic which I may find interesting, in an attempt to open up dialog with people who may stumble across this blog.

Currently, the target is to create one blog post a week, with the intention to increase to two posts per week in the near future.

NB. I am not a Financial Advisor, and any of the information provided on this website should be taken at face value, and I, nor MyTwoPence are responsible for any gains or losses made on financial decisions.

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